Our Offer


Due to favourable purchase prices, low operational costs and quality service activities we are successful in defending the DESTA company products in a bitter competition of foreign importers. Our marketing policy is based on a maximal orientation to customers’ requirements. For selling activities we can offer leasing also for older products.


Base on our long time successful activity in this field of service we acquired a stable place on our trade market with handling technique and an official sales and service dealership of the trademarks DESTA-CZ a.s., KOMATSU, BALKANCAR, ... We also offer services of other trademarks as GLIWICE, LINDE, CLARK, BOSS, JUNGHEINRICH, YALE, B.T., HYSTER, etc.


We make a complete warranty and out-of-warranty service for operation of forklift trucks, which means a sale of replacement parts and accessories, regular service of handling technique, emergency and planned repairs, and we also provide an engineering supervision.


If you are interested in buying of new or older handling technique, please contact our sales
department – Mrs Školníková, who will be glad to advice you the best-fit equipment for your technology.


We also offer...

Handling technique rental



For the time of the repair



Purchase of used handling technique

Cash purchase

Bazaar sale

Per contra purchase


Sale and lease of new and used handling technique

Forklift and low-lift trucks with all kinds of drive mechanisms (new, used, after SO or GO)
Warehouse equipments, hand handling technique
Replacement parts for all VZV types (own pick-up purchase or mail order service)
Additional accessories (according to the own choice from different suppliers, or in compliance with customers requirements – customized production)
Pneumatic tyres (full-rubber, tube, foam filling + pressing)
Accumulators, chargers (operating accumulators, traction batteries)
Hoses, filters, sealing material (unit-type or customized production)